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Tai Chi Classes DublinĀ 

Tai Chi Classes Dublin is a powerful internal martial art which teaches you to slowly move the body in a gentle way. There are five traditional schools; Chen, Yang, Wu (Hao), Wu, and Sun. Here at, we practise the chen family style, which is the oldest and parent form of the five styles. Chen style is characterised by slow motion, spiralling movements and silk reeling.

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Tai Chi Classes Dublin is a low impact, gentle form of exercise suitable for young and old. Tai Chi Classes Dublin offers health benefits to all systems of the body. Tai Chi Classes Dublin is an invaluable skill to learn to help in the recovery and prevention of injury & disease. Tai Chi Classes Dublin take place every Wednesday evening at 620pm for beginners and post beginners in Dundrum Methodist Church, Ballinteer Road, Dublin 16. Alternatively, you can arrange individual tuition by appointment, which take place in Profitness Gym, 11 Braemor Road, Churchtown, D14. In addition, we offer Corporate Tai Chi classes and workshops by appointment. These sessions are an optimal way for colleagues to exercise, relax and socialize. If you would like to find out more about any of our Tai Chi Classes Dublin offerings, then please do get in touch. Tai Chi classes Dublin are taught by Barry Kirwan, physical therapist MIAPT  

Tai Chi Classes Dublin benefits include:

  • Heart Health 
  • Musculoskeletal Health
  • Boost your Immune System
  • Relaxed Mind and Body

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