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Benefits of Tai Chi Classes

The body responds positively to gentle forms of exercise such as walking, swimming and Tai Chi. More severe forms of exercise can lead to shortage of breath quickly and put undesirable strain on our lungs and our heart.

Tai Chi Classes Dublin improve cardiovascular fitness in a safe manner, and even though blood flow increases during practice, the heart rate actually decreases from the deep relaxation and breathing involved. Tai Chi Classes Dublin helps to balance and stabilise both high and low blood pressure.

Abdominal Breathing

Tai Chi 2The natural deep breathing techniques learnt at Tai Chi Classes Dublin are known to increase lung capacity and greatly increase the amount of oxygen brought into your body. Your diaphragm can be trained to move downwards as you breathe, increasing the space in your lungs and the amount of air you draw in.

Oxygen is not only a vital ingredient essential for keeping you alive, but also the quality and quantity of the oxygen you receive greatly affects both your health and your energy levels. This means that learning to improve your breathing technique helps to combat fatigue by improving your energy levels.

With practise we no longer control the breath but allow it to become a more natural process, almost as if your body is breathing on its own. Deep relaxed conscious breathing helps to soothe both our mind and body and sends a profound message that that we are safe and that now is the time to relax.


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