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Musculoskeletal Health

Tai Chi Classes Dublin improves muscular strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain and stiffness and improves your body coordination.

Techniques used at Tai Chi Classes Dublin such as ‘abdominal’ breathing massage all the internal organs in the lower torso. Deeper breathing expands your blood vessels, which aids your intestines and your entire digestive system. Tai Chi practise also gently exercises your stomach muscles. As a result, the function of the digestive system is improved often leading to an increase in appetite and the prevention of such digestive problems as constipation.

Tai Chi Classes Dublin are performed in a relaxed standing posture and stimulate bone density which is ideal for those suffering from degenerative joint disease or arthritic conditions. At Tai Chi Classes Dublin we bend our knees and sink our weight downwards increasing the strength not just in the leg muscles but increasing bone density as well. The gentle movements increase the flow of natural lubricants and nutrients in your joints allowing for greater ease of movement.

Tai Chi Workshops DublinBoost your Immune System

During Tai Chi Classes Dublin you will learn spiralling and rotational rotational movements whereby the arms, legs and torso are all gently rotated throughout the postures. These spiralling movements squeeze and massage the lymph nodes and help to pump the lymph through the body. This turning movement can have many other health benefits including helping your body to eliminate toxins.

Relaxed Mind and Body

By learning to relax your mind and body you allow them to operate more easily. If our mind and body are calm, our emotions are kept in balance and we naturally become more peaceful. Deep breathing is a useful tool for calming your mind, as well as for strengthening and soothing your nerve functions. It has long been understood that “taking a deep breath” can be used for controlling emotional outbursts. Any posture or movement that turns the spine increases the blood flow to your brain and also helps to nourish your entire nervous system.Tai Chi Classes Dublin help us to release negative emotions such as fear, depression and anger, which deplete our immune system. Regular practise of tai chi promotes positive feelings and emotions such as happiness, clarity and a relaxation, which are a vital part of maintaining our good health.

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